Hair serum. You must have it!

Miraculous beauty elixir, or serum. Little is known about this product. We know only things which manufacturers want to tell us. Spectacular commercials have made us believe that it is the best cosmetic for difficult problems.

But is it true? Should every woman have a serum in her vanity case?

hair.jpgA brief compendium of hair serum

Polish women have fallen in love with hair serums quite recently. Serums have become a cosmetic must-have within several months. It’s an untypical care product and unfortunately we don’t have enough information about it yet. When we choose which serum to buy we don’t decide on the basis of our knowledge about the product as much as we follow fashion or online opinions about the serum.

Definition of hair serum hasn’t been created anywhere yet. It is believed that serum is a better and stronger equivalent of cream, balm or conditioner. It has much bigger concentration of active ingredients therefore we need much smaller amount to achieve the same effects. Active ingredients may slightly differ from the ones included in a conditioner but their percentage content increases whereas the size of the cosmetic is much smaller. As a result, only two drops of serum are enough.

While thinking what hair serum to choose, firstly define your problem. There are several types of serum and each of them fulfils particuar need. Serum for dry hair focuses on moisturizing. Serum for damaged hair must have strong regeneration power. For mature women the best choice is anti-aging serum which makes hair cells younger. Before buying a particular serum, you should learn more about your problem and kinds of products that will help you fight it.

It’s worth to have a hair serum on hand but it’s not only because of concentrated ingredients aimed at a specific problem. Another strong side of serum is easy application. You simply take a drop of a product, spread around your hands and massage into your hair and scalp. Light hair serum doesn’t require rinsing.