What to remember about when buying hair serum?

The number of cosmetic producers is constantly increasing as well as the amount of cosmetics. We can admire a wide variety of products smiling towards us from the selves, but have no idea which one will suit or needs the to fullest. Glut can cause more harm than good. In order to handle it, you must acquire at least the basic knowledge about such products. This article will provide you with all the information you need about hair serums.

It is a complex guidance prior to purchasing your perfect hair serum.

hair.jpgFirst of all, take a closer look at the components.

You cannot go any further without mentioning this main rule at the very beginning. It is very simple and obvious but still worth remembering. When buying the product, you must pay attention to the list of ingredients. The components are the key. Thanks to this, you will avoid applying cosmetics full of unwanted, harmful substances. On the contrary to what most people believe, a good hair serum, should in fact, contain silicones. It does not only protect your hair but also restore and smooth it. It is very important find substances ending with -cone, -conol, -siloxane, at the beginning of the list of ingredients. What is more, you should also make sure whether the serum contains any natural oils, silk proteins, aloe and vitamins. These are the desirable ingredients. On the other hand, try to avoid serums containing preservatives and aromas. In addition, keep in mind that alcohol provides drying effects which is why it is an unwanted component of a hair serum.

Secondly, do not rely on the price.

This is another common advice that you should bare in mind. The price does not necessarily describe the quality of the product. You must consider buying an expensive product really carefully, in order to avoid wasting your money on something that is simply useless. There are numerous situations when it turns out that a cheaper product has the same capacity, almost identical composition and content of the active substances and consequently works as good. Conclusion? It does not pay to overpay. The optimal price for a hair serum is up to ten euro.

Thirdly, match the serum to your hair type and needs.

This point partly refers to the first rule. It is extremely important to read the labels carefully and check the components, especially when we know that some products may cause allergic reactions. We surely want to avoid that. Moreover, we must also remember about the hair porosity. Damaged hair will definitely need thicker oils that will provide nourishing while weakened fragile, hair should be treated with a lighter product. It is recommended to broaden your knowledge about the types of fatty acids and oils, because not everyone of them will be suitable for every type of hair.

Last but not least – the scent.

One may consider the scent to be the least important factor because of the fact that serum must regenerate your hair and be effective in the first place. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that we actually apply this product every day. This is the reason why strong scents are not recommended. The smell will follow you throughout the day. In extreme situations, fragrance may even cause headaches. Be cautious and try it out for a few hours.