Silicone serum (but not only). [Q&A]

hair.jpgHair serum is considered to be one of the most concentrated formulas especially designed for intensive regeneration of damaged hair. What is interesting, there is no specific definition describing this product. On the contrary to other hair cosmetics, this product has a lot bigger concentration of the active substances and nutrients.

How to use it? Which one to choose? When to buy? Let us answer all these questions.

Why use a hair serum?

The main task of a hair serum is to visibly regenerate your hair in a short period of time. Especially when it comes to the problem of extremely damaged hair after many harmful styling treatments at the salon. Furthermore, fragile and dry hair, as well as split ends, require instant care. Highly concentrated hair serum will be the best remedy.

How often apply you hair serum?

The frequency of usage depends on your own personal needs. Many factors, such as type of the problem, hair type, form of the serum and your preference, will determine how often you should use it. The most advisable method is to apply it once a day (morning or evening, whatever suits you better). However, if you feel the need, you might as well decrease the frequency to only a few days per week or increase to doing it twice a day. In this case, remember to use smaller amounts of your serum not to weight your hair down.

How much serum is necessary?

Unfortunately, there is no right answer to this question. You will hardly find a serum with dosage instructions on the label. It will not specify the amount of product you must use, only general directions. To make a better use of your serum, firstly, determine your hair porosity. High porosity or very long hair will need a lot more than short and thin hair. For the second type, usually only a drop is enough to work wonders for your hair. Keep in mind one simple rule. More does not always mean better.

Serum with silicones or without?

The Internet is overwhelmed with pieces of information regarding the harmfulness of silicones. The truth is a little bit different. It is a fact, that you can overdose even the best and most expensive products and the results will be different to what you expected. A proper use of the silicones will not bring any harm to your hair. On the contrary, this substance will protect it against harmful environmental factors as well as water loss. What is more, they also provide the ability to rebuild the damaged hair structure. This is why it is very important to chose silicone hair serum. On the other hand, if your hair is extremely fragile and does not tolerate them at all, there is a variety of silicone free products that will work as well.

Apply serum on wet or dry hair?

Both ways will be beneficial. It is said that the most effective usage is to apply a small amount of the serum both: before and after washing your hair. It is all a matter of your personal preference. Serum used on damp hair will have nourishing and regenerating effects while used on dry hair, it will provide protection against any damage.