• Are you currently in the market for the best product that will regenerate your hair?
  • Are you looking for a change because the hair conditioners keep disappointing you?
  • Are you seeking more complex action that will deal with all your hair problems?
  • Are you expecting long-lasting results instead of just the illusion of improvement that most of the beauty products deliver?

Match up HAIR SERUM to your strands!

Hair serum differs from a regular hair conditioner mostly with the composition and action it delivers. Cosmetics of that kind can be categorised as the most concentrated preparations, which are powerful enough to influence hair profoundly. This is what tells serum apart from hair conditioners, that, in fact, are just to improve strands condition but only superficially. Features of hair serum determine a user to be persistent and systematic. In return, the outcomes such beauty products deliver are long-lasting. What is more, effectiveness of hair serum is indicated by the composition that is different when compared to hair conditioner's. Among such cosmetics, it is easier to find products which are made from only natural ingredients, are free from chemical additives and are characterized by innovative solutions.

Proper hair and scalp care is a key to success. Only hair that are well conditioned, the one which receives appropriate amount of time, energy and investment from an owner will reciprocate with healthy look. What also counts are the cosmetics we use. You should not expect to get outstanding effects if you treat the hair with no cosmetics or when you stuff strands with a set of randomly chosen products. The ultimate results can be expected only when we know which hair serum to buy and how to apply it the right way.

And what about HAIR OIL?

See for yourself that this is a better solution, definitely

Even the most expensive hair serum won’t solve all our hair and scalp problems. The best effect is given thanks to the care directed at answering all hair needs. The needs, in turn, mostly derive from the various structure the hair has. Strands of various porosity (the degree at which hair cuticles are risen from the hair shaft) require different nourishing substances. Unfortunately, serum is an universal product, and what is universal, isn’t always the best.

Sadly, hair serum doesn’t have the qualities that are characteristic for hair oils. Only natural hair oils can work effectively in the inside and on the outside of the hair, without leaving the strands overburdened, and the scalp greasy. As the only ones natural oils match hair structure thanks to the diversity of particular fatty acids, such as omega-3 for damaged hair and saturated fatty acids for low porosity hair. The greatest advantage of the hair oils is their ability to take care of strands and the scalp in a natural way, supplying them with the essential microelements, sealing the outer protecting layer and strengthening the hydro-lipid barrier. Moreover, they can be used in many ways. For example, you can apply an oil to dry or wet hair, before or after washing, and even throughout a day or leave the oil overnight.

The best hair oil
The only such oil for different hair types

Thank your lucky starts because you are in the right place! Here you are going to find the hair serum that will be just perfect for your hair. It will do both, answer needs of your strands without lightening your wallet. You will find the product that will tackle all problems your hair are doomed by. We have already found our number one! Therefore, let us present our findings and analyse the results that the tests show. This article is going to guide you through the products that are worth buying. We will also give you a few reasons why, in our opinion, hair should not be treated with some of the products available currently on the market.

NLet us present the latest ranking of the most popular and the highly recommended hair products of various brands (not always these top-shelved). We have examined plenty of different cosmetics of different price range that focus on various problems. The diversity of the ranking is considered as its greatest asset because everyone will surely find a product that will match their needs.


Less Is More, Rose Serum

For dry, thick and damaged hair; irritated scalp (e.g. itching, flaking etc.) 30 ml The serum is composed of (in order): apricot seed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, rose …

Kedma, Mineral Hair Serum

Hair Serum And Treatment 50 ml The serum is composed of (in order): demineralised water, three silicones, argan oil, Panthenol (B5 pro-vitamin), Dead Sea minerals. Kedma offers hair serum …

Aphro Celina, Hair Serum

For noticeably thicker and stronger hair 50 ml The serum is composed of (in order): aqua, glycerine, preservatives, Panthenol (B5 pro-vitamin), Isopropyl Cloprostenate (active substance). Aphro Celinahair serum is …

Hair serum - Price, Availability, Types

Let the adventure with hair serum begin. We will discuss the most common questions concerning the purchase itself. We will talk about the cost of hair serum and search for the places you can buy it in the most affordable price. But most of all, we will search the Internet in the chase for information on what hair serum to choose while taking into consideration the type, active substances and the brand.

What is the price of hair serum?

Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this question. It is because the price of hair serum depends on many factors, e.g. volume, composition, brand and properties. The more diverse and more natural composition the better properties and higher price. Due to the fact, hair serum price oscillate from very low price to very high. Some luxury brands even enrich their products with, for example flakes of pure gold, and then hair serum may cost even few thousands. However, these are extreme cases and there are not many of them. Good quality serum from recommended brand can be purchased in an average price.

Where to buy hair serum?

Here the problem is lesser, because hair serum can be bought almost anywhere - in the drugstore, supermarket, online, from the manufacturer and sometimes in the nearest shop. Of course, not every product is available both in stationary shop and in the Internet. To be true, choice is much wider in drugstores and online shops, but if you need hair serum from well known brand then it probably can be acquired in the drugstores.

What hair serum you should choose?

The problem with choosing hair serum is yet another matter with no specific answer. You should always buy cosmetics matching your hair type, e.g. for damaged hair buy regenerative/restoring hair serum. You also always take into consideration the composition. Avoid products with content of ingredients, which may cause allergies. However, choose all of these with natural composition, with no chemicals and best without silicones (though some hair like them and for this hair type are recommended serums with silicon). The matter of hair serum choice depends on the individual needs.