Touché by Flavien, Hair and Skin Oil Serum

Touché by Flavien, Hair and Skin Oil SerumHair and Skin Oil Serum
15 ml

The serum is composed of (not in order):

  • Indian fig opuntia oil,
  • Neem oil extracted from Indian Lilac,
  • Amla oil extracted from Indian gooseberry,
  • sesame oil,
  • ginger oil,
  • E vitamin.

The key ingredient of Touché by Flavien hair serum is the oil extracted from Indian fig opuntia.

This is a very precious anti-oxidant, with rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory action, that has the power to make hair cells younger. What is more, the product also maintains hair moisture at appropriate level. The remaining ingredients help counteract dehydration, itchiness of scalp, strengthen strands, provide softness and shine, reduce problem of premature greying or hair loss, and even facilitate treating psoriasis and eczema. Thanks to regular application of Touché by Flavien, Hair and Skin Oil Serum, hair growth is accelerated as the microcirculation in scalp is noticeably boosted.

Oil serum by Flavien is light enough to avoid problem of flat hair and, at the same time, dense enough to provide perfect moisturization and nourishing features. Formula of the product facilitates application as it delivers very strong action. Suffice to use just a few drops to coat hair and scalp. However, it has to be admitted that 15 ml (even if dosed with the pipette) will not hold out long, especially if we want to use the oil on day-to-day basis. For that very reason, it would be better if the price of the product was a little bit lower.

What encourages you to buy the product?

complex action, proven effectiveness, light formula, pipette applicator, blend of natural ingredients

What discourages you from buying the product?

medium efficiency, small capacity, price