Kérastase, Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate Substance – Resistance – Shine

Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair ConcentrateHair Beauty Activator
60 ml

The serum is composed of (in order):

  • vegetable steam cells,
  • Gluco-Lipid GL,
  • ceramides,
  • polyphenols.

Kérastase and its Initialiste hair series contain regenerative hair serum. The product combines bio steam cells with ceramides. This Regenerative Complex is a strong impulse for hair to grow long and strong. The formula of Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate was designed in such a way to start all the regeneration and care of hair at the very root (scalp and hair bulbs).

In short, the cosmetic facilitates growth of stronger, thicker, softer, and more shiny hair.

Nice fragrance and precisely developed formula make application of Initialiste hair serum pleasant. Thanks to the right consistency, the product is applied without any trouble. What is more, the serum is absorbed almost immediately. The convenient pipette makes this procedure way easier, however it does not contribute to the product’s efficiency. In other words, Kérastase hair serum can be categorized as a medium-efficiency cosmetic, that might hold out longer.

What encourages you to buy the product?

advanced technology, effectiveness, vegetable steam cells, complex manner of working, delicate fragrance, proper consistency, precise pipette

What discourages you from buying the product?

price, medium-efficiency