Argan Secret, Hair Oil Elixir from Marrakesh

Argan Secret Hair Oil Elixir from MarrakeshHair Care & Styling
100 ml

The serum is composed of (in order):

  • silicones,
  • argan oil,
  • apricot seed oil,
  • cannabis oil.

Argan Secret hair serum is not only a hair styling product but also a medical elixir. The cosmetic provides moisture, nourishment, and regeneration to dry and damaged hair. It focuses its action mainly on split ends. Definitely, it makes hairdrying time much shorter, it protects against harmful action of high temperature and, at the same time, tames unruly hair. Due to regular application, Hair Oil Elixir from Marrakesh makes hair silky smooth, soft, as it gifts strands with gloss. What is more, hair starts to be more manageable. Although, Argan Secret hair oil is suitable for all types of hair, the one, which requires deep nourishment and improvement of condition, will take most of the product.

Argan Secret hair serum can be applied at will – it works fine as a deep nourishment therapy for damp hair.

Equally satisfying manner of working is provided if applied to already blow-dried hair or for fixing a hairdo. Certainly, the pump dispenser, which the serum features, increases efficiency of the beauty product. What is crucial, the hair serum has to be applied in precisely measured portions because too much of the cosmetic might grease scalp and flat hair.

What encourages you to buy the product?

beautiful vanilla fragrance, plain and short composition, vegetable oil blend, complex action, effectiveness, can be applied to wet and dry hair

What discourages you from buying the product?

silicones as the first on the ingredient list, might make hair flat if too much of the serum applied